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Sakol Bottling – “Quality you can Trust”

Global Manufacturing Standard in CO2 Beverage type

Sakol has high standard manufacturing and being accepted by the world class partner more than 18 years and still continue.  World class standard company such as DR. Pepper Snapple Group who is the owner of well know brand as 7 up, A&W Root Beer and RC Cola, fully trust Sakol in term of high standard manufacturing with modern technology machine for more than 18 years of being a sole manufacturing partner of the RC Cola brand.  Aside of Global Manufacturing Standard, we have been certified by Halal, GMP Good Manufacturing Practice and Intertech etc.

Lower minimum
order sizes to
suit your budget
We can help you reduce your costs
with lower minimum order sizes
than our competitors.

We can assist your
every need

With 18 years of experience
in the industry we are
able to assist you from the very
begining of the process right
through to the finished product.

Michelin Chef
premium quality
CO2 beverages.

Alongside creating beverages with
excellent taste we ensure that the
carbonation level are well balanced to
truely enhance the product.


1.Cola Drink

  • RC Cola Thailand Australia 
  • Two Rooks New Zealand 

2.Energy Drink

  • Red Impala Afghanistan Pakistan
  • Roughrhino Thailand
  • TKO Thailand
  • Deer Diamond Blue Myanmar

3.Color Drink

  • RCQ Thailand

4.Healthy Drink

  • MAXI Thailand
  • I-Bev  Thailand
  • Viza Peach Thailand
  • BU-SO’  Thailand
  • 14 Days  Thailand
  • Fruitzy  Thailand

Packaging Type

1.Glass Bottles

  • Range size 227-500 ml 


  • Range size 300- 1,000 ml

3.Aluminum Can

  • Range Size 200-250 ml

Our Manufacturing Process

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Actual Production

Quality Control and Delivery

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