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On the basis of our company’s long professional skills and hands-on experience in the production of carbonated drinks, we are also providing additional services in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) which includeOEM carbonated beverages and soft drinks for our clients who are seeking to build their own brands and acquire product ownership. Our company is pleased to provide consultancy to our customers to fulfill their individual needs as regards to the flavors, packaging solutions by utilizing our standardized production process and equipments.

Our team of experts on production can offer consultancy on how to maximize a small production scale and investment to achieve a production on an industrial scale in a cost-effective manner. Our services are listed as follows:


Our food science experts who have long experience in the field can provide our clients with  technical advice in utilizing  appropriate capital and suitable raw materialin manufacturing the product consistent with an internationally recognized standard;

Our R&D and engineering teams cangive consultancy on product packaging design;

-We provide consultancy on formula development of the product and to help developsample products for use in decision making;

 We provide services on the procurement of raw materialand on packagingas per our client’s production orderas well asprovide advice/suggestions on how to select the suppliers;

We give consultancy on product quality inspectionsand on nutrition information.

We provide consultancy in the product’s registration with Thai FDA- Food and Drug Administration and in the submissionof an excise registration request and excise filing and payment.





Production Process                Mr. SomboonLaoareekit
Production Manager Mobile phone 0841089229
R&D and Quality Miss Wanida Masaya
Quality Assurance andProduct Development Manager Mobile Phone 089 9191852


MechanicalManufacturing Mr. SucheepPrayongpun
Engineering Manager Mobile  phone 081 9327669







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