A launch event: Handing out complimentary Maxi Lychee

-Sakol Beverage launched an event at Soi Lalai Sap (ซอยละลายทรัพย์), Silom   on 23 May 2018 to introduce its new product by handing out complimentary beverage

– Maxi lychee so that the people can get the chance to taste the flavor of a wide variety of our products.

-Our company has developed an assortment of products to cater for different taste and health preferences.



ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0003ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0007ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0017ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0021ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0024ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0035ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0037ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0038ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0042ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0046 ละลายทรัพย์สีลม_๑๘๐๕๒๓_0048


-Approximately 90% of the consumers who tasted our products revealed that they would buy our products.

-Positive feedback we received from our clients is an indication that our products satisfy our customers’ needs and we feel obligated to reciprocate our customers with high quality products and services.


Please choose your favorite drink from the list of our product offering below.


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